Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels are the most popular of all renewable energy installs, due to the established nature of the technology (which now makes it a very cost effective and highly affordable to even the average environmentally conscious consumer, and as it is a technology that can benefit every household.

With its ability to generate power 365 days a year, an equipment life span of over 30 years, and government financial incentives still in place, it is an obvious first step towards self-sufficiency and cost saving in a world of continued endless energy price increases.

How Solar PV works

Solar PV systems produce free electricity from the sun’s rays, through a process called photovoltaic streaming, where photons ejected from the sun are converted into electrons that can be used to power your home or sold back to the National Grid.

Why Choose Solar PV

For a number of years now alternative energy has been a hot topic of discussion by politicians and consumers, and there is now no escaping the fact that without everyone making real steps to reduce their carbon footprint will drain the planets precious resources and cause potentially serious environmental damage.

As a part of our carbon footprint reduction we need to cut down on the amount of non-renewable energy use, as well as learning to become more efficient in the energy we use.

Solar PV when combined with a battery storage system can enable you to completely power your home with free green electricity, day and night for the majority of the year.

The need to change to renewable and self-sufficient energy generation is further compounded by the ever increasing cost of using conventional non-renewable energy.  We have all seen a huge increase in our gas and electricity bills and this is due to continue increasing at a conservatively predicted rate of 10% every year.

The Solar PV industry is now very popular and established with millions of homes now using this technology to produce power.  As a result this technology is now much more affordable, and coupled with the government backed incentives that are still available, it is not only something most consumers can afford, it also can represent a high returning financial investments, not just from reductions in your energy bills, but also from selling energy back to the national grid, through the ‘Feed In Tariff’.

These incentives in place are reducing over time so there has never been a better time to make your first steps towards self-sufficiency and environmental responsibility.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint dramatically
  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Great return on investment
  • Earn money and sell power to the national grid
  • Maintenance free systems with a 30+ year life span
  • Generates electricity 365 days of the year
  • Solar energy can now be stored to run your home at night and when the sun isn’t shining
  • Low cost, with a very worthwhile system costing under £6k
  • Systems should expect to repay their investment in 8 years