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Radiators & Underfloor Heating (UFH)

This type of heat distribution is becoming more and more popular on new builds and especially if heat pumps are going to be the heat source. It runs at a much lower temperature for longer periods of time giving a more even heat transfer making the living environment very comfortable. In most cases under-floor heating is 30% more efficient than conventional radiators and on a par with fan convectors. A few of our installations are shown below, along with brochures:

Manufacturers product information:

Heat Pumps
Heat Recovery

We install a full range of products including those from:


UFH pipes laid into trays then screed is laid


A more traditional method, where the pipe is laid directly to the insulation then screed is laid.


18mm panels are laid directly onto the existing floor, pipes are then inserted into the grooves then your floor finish is then either laid or glued directly onto the panels.  If carpet or vinyl is to be used a 6mm ply needs to be laid.


Jaga is devoted to developing radiators that use less energy and fewer raw materials.

The most environmentally-friendly way is the Jaga way, and they are determined to keep it like that.

The immense rate at which the modern lifestyle consumes our natural resources is putting serious strain on our planet. It is becoming clearer every day that we cannot continue this way, burning through energy and our habitats. Some parts of our lives, however, must be maintained the best that we can, and it is all about striking a sustainable balance between man and the environment. We must respect our earth and endeavour to preserve it for the future.

To look forward is to look to how life can be influenced by what surrounds us. Jaga’s design and innovative technology is not just about creating something that out-performs others, but to elevate Jaga products from design objects to objects of art. We understand that art is paramount in amalgamating necessity and cultural enlightenment, and together they can develop a unique and creative world.


We are all familiar with radiators in their many shapes, sizes and colours, below we have attached several brochures for your perusal.


We install a full range of products including those from Myson.


These units are very versatile and come in all shapes, sizes and disguises, they are generally more efficient than conventional radiators as they are able to run on a much lower temperature making them ideal for installation with a heat pump. Some designs are also able to emit cooling as well as heat. There is also a fire effect unit which would brighten up any lounge. These units are ideal for areas where radiators are not possible to install e.g. kitchens that are fully fitted, hallways and entrances.

Fan Convector

Convectors that look like conventional radiators. Ideal if you have a small wall area but a large area to heat.


Floor convector that is inserted into the floor, ideal for cold spots like patio doors. Can be electric or wet.


The convector is inserted in the kicker board of the kitchen unit. Can be electric or wet.