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Kalfire Gas Fires

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What would work better in your living space, a high blazing fire or a long bed of flames? Kalfire has developed innovative burners adapted to either situation.

Prestige burner (Kalfire GP-range)
The patented Prestige burner is integrated directly within highly realistic ceramic logs, which are stacked in a pyramid. This results in high, blazing flames that leap directly from the logs, giving an unparalleled impression of a wood fire.

3D burner (Kalfire G-range)
Like the Prestige burner, this innovation was designed and developed by Kalfire. It allows an elongated, horizontal fireplace (up to 170 cm in width) that suits contemporary interiors perfectly. A closed gas fireplace equipped with a 3D burner produces flames that are virtually indistinguishable from those of a wood fire. Fireplaces with a 3D burner are supplied with a ceramic log set as standard, but it is also possible to choose an exclusive log set or a bed of white, beige or grey stones or cryptonite.

Kalfire Fires

Realistic sparks with the Natural Spark Generator

Kalfire is constantly striving for innovation and seeking perfection. Our patented designs have allowed us to take
closed gas fires to another level, making us a benchmark in the market. One of the latest innovations developed by
our R&D team is the Natural Spark Generator (NSG).

This technology is available as an option in all our gas fires that feature a Prestige burner. The Natural Spark Generator creates small sparks that escape from the flames and burn out slowly, resulting in an amazingly realistic simulation of a wood fire.

As an option on Kalfire closed gas fires with a Prestige burner, a hybrid function can be added to include LED lighting in the fire bed. When this function is activated, the lighting intensity fluctuates continuously, perfectly imitating a bed of embers in a wood-burning fireplace. The lighting has three different programmes that can be configured as desired.


A further advantage of this feature is that it allows a convivial atmosphere to be created during warmer periods when heat is not required, without having to switch on the fire itself. This is another example of how Kalfire fires are designed to improve your living space all year round. Even when it is not providing heat, your fire can emanate the warmth of a real fire with its realistic logs and bed of embers created with LED lighting.

Our closed gas fires blend in perfectly in any interior and offer an optimal view of the flames. The hearth that extends from the fire, often in stone, extends all the way to the frameless glass panel. The interior side panels extend seamlessly to the wall surrounding the fire. You can also opt for a rear panel that extends outside of the fire. In this case, no metallic frame is visible. This results in a fire with clean, minimalist lines that blends seamlessly into the surroundings, enhancing the impression of an open fireplace.