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Vanixa Fires

Vanixa home furnishing products are inspired by fire, and evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort in a very stylish, safe and artistic way. Wherever you want to create the empathetic effect of glowing embers mounted on a wall, suspended or freestanding, we have a choice of models. All are extremely safe and easy to operate with a simple switch. We also take commissions for tailor-made solutions, providing truly bespoke pieces of art which will enhance your interior designs. Many models can also provide a low heat, just let us know if this is an option you would like.

Our design team members all value individual expression, excellence in quality and are conscientious about sustainability. We offer our clients innate beautiful pieces of art, with designs which are also innovative and friendly to the environment. Working with a range of clients, including Architects and Interior Designers, our extensive experience can help you add an extra dimension to any living space.

Vanixa FiresThe ember effect is created using special lights controlled by an exclusive system (property of Vanixa), that lights up randomly and spreads the typical orange colour of quartz crystals and pink salt.

The crystals of Himalayan pink salt, have beneficial properties when heated, and  protect from electromagnetic radiation generated by electronic equipment in the home. Where  heating elements are used, heat is spread by means of infrared rays, with high energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption. The unique  products of the Lava series are all CE certified, projected, designed and entirely hand – manufactured in Italy by Vanixa  Italian Home Flame and  can always be connected to the modern home automation controls.


Electric Lava

Electronically controlled system for embers  with changing light created by led elements and pink himalayan salt crystals. Sound effect of crackling embers, scent system, infrared heat effect (on some products). No maintenance required.

This version produces a spectacular and very realistic “ember effect”, with shapes and sizes that can be personalised and are easy to install and operate with, even in built-in and already furnished spaces.The heating function, where present, allows the production of a beneficial type of heat, being generated by infrared rays and not by thermal convection. The Himalayan pink salt crystals have a dual beneficial effect: the slightly heated salt produces  ions that help breathing. The iron oxide contained within protects against electromagnetic emissions generated by the various domestic electronic devices (TV, computer, induction hobs, lamps). All the functions (light, crackling sound, essence diffuser, heat)  can be individually activated by remote control.

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