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Domestic Hot Water

Domestic Hot WaterHistorically a domestic hot water storage system used in the UK consisted of a copper cylinder and cold water storage tank situated in the loft. The cylinder was required to have an open vent pipe that ran from the cylinder back to the cold storage tank and predominantly out of the loft as an overflow pipe. This brought with it a number of disadvantages, Poor shower performance, possible water contamination and noisy cistern filling along with the potential freezing hazard and likelihood of unbalanced hot and cold water supplies.

So what is an unvented cylinder?
Unvented cylinders or mains pressure cylinders as they are sometimes referred to are increasingly the preferred choice for many Developers and end users when it comes to hot water cylinders. Since the early 1980s when unvented cylinders were specified and installed in the UK the market has increased along with demand year on year, and there are over 30 different manufacturers now offering various different models of cylinder.

A mains pressure unvented hot water storage system is a hot water cylinder, where the water contained within it is held at some pressure above atmospheric. It is normally supplied direct from the mains and the system is sealed to the atmosphere. This type of system does not require a cold water storage tank, thus saving space and due to working at higher pressures the cylinders are designed to higher standards. Unvented cylinders have many benefits over traditional systems as the hot and cold water supply to all outlets will be a higher pressure which allows for greater system design and flexibility, offering a wider choice of taps and mixers. Cylinders can be sited almost anywhere and provide High performance showers without the need for booster pumps.

Hot Water TankWith so many different types of cylinder now available how can you make that important decision and choose the right model for the right application at Artizan heating we pride ourselves on offering expert advice on the systems we promote and with many years’ experience we only promote systems that we know will suit our customers applications and offer the best aftercare support. With the installation of multi-bathroom dwellings, customers are demanding a system that meets their individual requirements. So more than ever it is essential to obtain both pressure and flow readings before promoting the use of such systems. It is true to say that mains fed systems such as unvented cylinders will only be as good as the main supply that feeds them, and with pressures in certain areas of the UK being reduced, it is vital that the mains supply is tested before incorporating an unvented cylinder into any design.

Unvented systems have a number of controls built into their design to prevent an uncontrolled supply of heat to the stored water and are generally sold as a package with the controls required.

At Artizan we supply and fit a wide range of products to best suit your specific requirements.

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